Next Show Date: Sunday 3rd March 2024

2024 Office Bearers


Office Bearers


Julie Hedger

Vice President

Trish Gerney


Natalee Reid

Minutes Secretary

 Vickii Wallace


Christie Glasson

Public Officer

Christie Glasson

Publicity Officer

Annie O'Keeffe

Entry Secretary

Laureta Wallace

Pavilion Superintendent

Annie O'Keeffe

Honorary Pavilion Superintendent

Jan Bennett

Ring Secretary

Horse Show Committee

Chief Steward

Annie O'Keeffe

Gate Keeper

Dalgety Show Society

Stall Holder Officer

Kate Heeley

Hon. Vet

Snowy Mountains Veterinary Clinic

Safety Officer




Life Members

Mr W J Bruce

Mr & Mrs C Caldwell

Ms L Cogan

Mr D Griffith

Mr T Jamieson

Ms D Mitchell

Mr B Mould

Mr W Mugridge

Mr K Schaefer

Mr O Wellsmore

Mr S White

Mr C W Power *

Mrs M J Hedger *

Mrs N Wallace *

Mr S Wallace *

Mr C Roberson *

Mr A L Schaefer

Mrs J Walters *

Mr S Walters *

Mr G R Walters *

Mr & Mrs R Kilpatrick

Mrs G Turton *

Mr J R Hedger

Mr & Mrs D Glasson

Mrs E McMahon 

Mr & Mrs P Douch

Mr & Mrs R Thompson

Mr* & Mrs K Bennett

Mr & Mrs M Walters

Mrs T Leck

Mrs J Cassilles

Mr A Wellsmore

Mrs V Wallace

Mrs L Wright

Mr N Buckland

Mr B Seears

Mr L Wallace

Mr P Jamieson

Mrs V McCluscky

Mr and Mrs R Dale

Mr and Mrs* D Doyle

Mr P Lette

Mr N Lynch

Mrs B Corby*


* deceased